What is Domestic Abuse?

Domestic Abuse is the physical, emotional, verbal, sexual or financial abuse of one person by another with whom they have or have had an intimate or family-type relationship.  It arises from the misuse of power & control by one person over another. It is rarely a one-off event, but tends to escalate in frequency and severity over time.

Physical abuse can include;

Emotional Abuse can include such things as;

Verbal Abuse can include;

Sexual abuse can include;

Financial Abuse can include;

The lists above are not exhaustive but just a few of the ways in which some people are affected by domestic abuse!

Abuse in the home is more widespread than you think. It affects men & women of all ages, ethnicities, orientations and income levels, regardless of ability. 

It is not easy to accept that a loved one can behave so aggressively and because you cannot explain the behaviour, you assume that it is your fault.  You are not to blame for your partner’s behaviour.  Everyone has the right to live life free from threats, violence and abuse and help is available. You are NOT alone!